I solemnly swear this is good stuff

Does this phrase ring a bell? Chances are if you are an inbound marketer and frequent inbound.org you’ve seen this box at one time or another.
inbound content warning


This phrase has kind of stuck with me since the first time I came across it.

It has become my personal mantra in online marketing.

Sure I still share some silly and nonsensical stuff from time to time on my own social networks, but overall I try to live by this rule. I also try to pass on this philosophy to all of my clients and colleagues as well.

But what exactly does “good stuff” mean?

Over on inbound.org, the articles that tend to trend towards the top are those that are:

  • unique & haven’t been done before
  • of quality (grammar & formatting)
  • interesting and intellectually stimulating
  • something that will act as a new tool or tip
  • a piece of news that hasn’t been covered somewhere else

Tweeting & sharing good stuff

I like to repeat this mantra before I tweet or share something. Sure 1/5 of my updates are total nonsense, but that is just having fun.

Do my followers really need to see “top 6 SEO tips from X SEO blog?” Probably not.

People generally exist on social networks to stay up to date on one or more industries as well as their own social circles.

Keep that in mind. Unless you are an actual celebrity, most people don’t care about your every move.

bad tweet wrong

Think about the word “contribute” when you post. Are you really contributing something to the global conversation or are you just filling up 140 bytes on Twitters hard drive?

Next time you post on social media, solemnly swear that this is good stuff.

Questioner: before you share

  1. Has this been shared before?
  2. Is the spelling within my post / tweet correct?
  3. Is my post / tweet optimally formatted?
  4. Is this offensive?
  5. Would I share this if I didn’t write this?
  6. Is this actually interesting?
  7. Is this appropriate for the skill level of my audience (e.g. sharing a beginner post with experts)?
  8. Is my information technically accurate?
  9. Will people actually care

It’s getting bad out there

Poorly written content, duplicate content, utter nonsense, and spam is plaguing the interwebs. The inbound niche isn’t even that bad compared to industries like payday loads, weight loss, and make money online.

As a lowly marketer, I can only do my part.

I must hold myself to my own set of standards. No one is going to tell me I am uninteresting, they will just not follow me, or not link to me, or not tell their friends about my company.

Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe
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