8 #RCS Ideas You Can Do For Smaller/Local Clients

Wil Reynold’s talk on #RCS has truly transformed the way we work in our office. In case you haven’t seen his conference video, I’ll paraphrase it:

He spoke about being sick and tired of hearing SEOs talk about ridiculous metrics such as “dofollow back links” and things like that.  He spoke about getting rid of clients who did not want to be interactive in the SEO process, and seek out clients that wanted to engage.  RCS or Real Company SH** is the art of leverging real company marketing tactics into SEO opportunities.

We really love this.  There have been so many instances where we were just dumbfounded trying to figure out new link opportunities for clients who had nothing to work with!

In this post, we’ll discuss 6 #RCS ideas that you can integrate into smaller SEO clients campaigns’.

1. Host an Adopt-A-Spot –  Ok, we’re cheating on this one because we are doing it next month, but you can too!  Don’t know what adopt-a-spot is?  Sure you do!  Ever drove down the highway and saw, “This highway owned by X Club of Virginia?”  Contact your local county government office and ask for more information (or your clients.)  If you can get your PR (public relations, not pagerank) hat on, you can really turn this simple volunteer opportunity into some great press, great social, and great link opportunities!

2. Interview an authority figure –  Let’s say your client is in the local construction niche.  Hard to find links right?  Figure out who is the largest authority in construction.  Maybe Bob Villa?  If Bob isn’t available, go down the list and find someone who will talk to you.  Hint – people love to talk about themselves, and are always looking for great ways to reach out.

3. Host a group networking lunch – I hate these things, but people love them. Chamber of Commerce or any local group is fine.  They are great for networking and people LOVE to email blast them, share them on social profiles and add them to their websites.  Pure gold.

4. Donate your service –  Wil talked about a product giveaway, but what about a service giveaway?  By donating your service you could get local news attention (which could generate leads in and of itself) and tons of link opportunities.  It is also a great way to put some love in the karma bank.

5. Speak at a School – Find a way to get yourself into a local University and convince them that you are (or your client is) an authority on a topic.  If you are blue collar then shoot for a trade school, or the business department of a University.  Teachers love to bring in speakers, it gives them a break for an hour or so and stimulates discussion.

6. Offer a scholarship.  I’m not going to give away the house on this one, because we just did it and were able to really make some major breakthroughs.  You can offer a scholarship for a few hundred dollars, and have students complete a task in order to get the scholarship.

7. Survey something –   Survey’s are another way to break into peoples ego’s.  I’ve seen this happen almost a dozen times in the SEO niche and have witnessed plentiful rewards in links.

8. Incentivize customers – This last one is a state of mind.  Talk to your client about the importance of outreach and link building.  Have them talk to their clients every chance they can, and look for opportunities for them to engage on their clients websites.  Let them know that inbound links from people in their niche = gold, and to always keep their ears open.  If you can really convince them to do this, by the end of the year you should have a dozen or so links, and at least a few very good write ups about your client.

Bonus Example – We have a client who just came out with a patent for a new tool (think electric saw/drill).  There currently isn’t anything like it, so we are casting women (and men) to star in a quick how-to video about the drill, how it works, and how to use it that we will then use as a marketing tool once the drill is ready to be released.  We will then offer to send this out to bloggers to review on their own sites, local construction companies, and anyone else we can think of – in the process we will show them the video.  This is a little more along the traditional SEO spectrum, but is a great way to show off a product.

All of these suggestions are only a few sentences, but implementing them could take a few hours, or a few weeks.  Stay with an idea and don’t let go of the dream.  These are suggestions for small clients and local businesses, so we don’t have the budgets that a lot of other companies have.

We’ve implemented 3/8 of these ideas already – and 2 of them were total game changers, and literally knocked it out of the park for us.

If any of you have any more smaller client/local client #RCS ideas, please feel free to leave in the comments below.

Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe
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