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Just wanted to do an update on a new addition to our headquarters:  our window.  We’ve been wrestling with a design back and forth for over a year now and have finally chosen to go with this great mockup.  Although most of our business is done nationally and internationally, we want the City of Delray Beach to know that we are here.  It’s been a long road and we’ve had to overcome a lot of adversity, including: countless Google updates, industry changes, migrating from overseas to in-house programmers, etc.

The world we live in is a world that demands high visibility on the internet for businesses, and we are here to deliver that.


Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe

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