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2017 On-Page SEO Checklist

We’ve compiled an exhaustive list of on-page SEO factors updated for 2017. Please keep in mind this is only a checklist, and not a full guide to on-page SEO. If you are looking for an on-page SEO guide check ours out, or buy our book on Amazon.

Keep in mind that on-page SEO is really 2-sided: the on-page that is performed on a site-wide level such as the robots.txt file and the responsiveness of your site, and the page-level on-page such as title tags and an h1 tag, for example. We’ve combined both factors here, so be sure to recognize that as you are working.

This on-page SEO checklist is useful when working with a new website audit, or auditing a page or site that you haven’t worked on recently.

No-Index Tag Presence

Title Tags

Meta Description

H Tags

LSI / Synonyms


Social Sharing Buttons

Outbound Links

Internal Links

Website Speed

XML Sitemap

Schema Markup


URL / permalink


Render Blocking Resources



Anchor Text

Site Structure

Panda Risk Assessment




Modifiers in Title and Description

Keyword Density

Word Count

Bounce Rate and Dwell Time

Encourage Engagement

Content Freshness

Privacy Policy

Main Navigation

Side and Bottom Navigation

Server Optimization

Evergreen Content

Hidden CSS or text?

Google Analytics installed and working

Google Search Console installed and verified

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