Google’s New Built-In Timer App

Google recently added a built in “timer” feature into to their search engine.

I have to admit, the first time I opened the link, I popped it open in a new tab and continued on what I was doing.  The really loud beeping scared the daylights out of me.

If you want to see the timer in action, just do this:

set timer for x minutes google

and you will see something like this:

google timer countdown

Google’s new timer feature built into the search engine is just another step in Google’s user experience quest.


You can also Google “timer for X minutes” or “set timer for X minutes” or just “timer X minutes”…as with most Google search features, it ignores most prepositions and other “stop”  words.

Odd, I opened up my Android and popped open Chrome and typed in “set timer for 20 seconds” and no go.  Not sure if it is a java script deal or what, but Google isn’t allowing it for now (or maybe there is something wrong with me)

google timer mobile android


Android’s native search widget got even more confused when I tried typing in the exact same thing:

set timer for 4 minutes df


Google’s Monopoly on Apps

It’s clear that Google is doing everything in their power to improve upon their user experience.

In addition, they are also at war with Facebook in the battle to keep users on their site longer.  Facebook is currently killing it with an average site visit of about 7 minutes while Google’s average time on site is well under 1 minute.

Apps such as this will keep users engaged longer and thus, more exposure to ads thus increasing overall revenue.

My question is, do we really need another timer app?

I say: yes!

If you see all the other “timer” sites out there, they are really crap.

I was going to screenshot it but it looked so bad, but the first “timer” website I went to was just terrible.  Couldn’t even find the app amongst the crap.

Just in: someone over at HN just figured out how to break it by querying: “23 hours 59 minutes 60 seconds” which will return null.

There are also several people who have just coded their own:

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