Google Product Rumor: Babble

Google to Unify Communications Apps

Google has made it their mission to consolidate and unify their products in order to simplify their product line (and probably cut costs as well.)  According to a number of different sources, Google is expected to launch a service called “Babble” that will be a centralized talk/chat platform for all Google products.  Right now, things are branded in a haphazard kind of way.  Google Talk is integrated into G+, but it all looks kind of different and it is confusing the way the looks/brand changes from product to product.

Then you have Google Voice which is a completely different communication medium which does a lot of the same functionality, but is totally different.  Right now Google has some competition that is just begging to be wiped out. If Babble to come into fruition, it would only be a matter of time before these 3rd party apps would die a slow painful death.

In my world, Skype is winning the race.  Pretty much every new contact I meet asks for my Skype.  All of our interoffice communications is done via Skype and it is also popular in my social community and family as well.  All Google has to do is make something that “works” and most of all don’t release it to the public until all of the bugs have been worked out.  Skype continues to be a market leader in chat and video due to its stability.  Weather or not Google will catch up to them is up to them.

There has been a lot of talk about why Google does not just extend one of their existing brands, instead of re branding an entirely new platform.  Why create Babble when Talk is so well used already?

The world needs a unified chat/communication system.  This is one scenario where I wouldn’t mind seeing a monopoly.  There is nothing more annoying than needing to have 3-4 different “chat” programs open on your computer (even more on your phone) to communicate, especially in the internet marketing industry where this happens a lot.

What I’d really like to see out of Babble:

  • A really stable chat program that has the capability to do everything from everywhere.  I.e. – a downloadable/standalone app can chat/sms/voice/video chat the same way your pop-out Gmail Talk can do all of the same.  Right now everything is scattered in a bunch of different directions.
  • SMS platform that isn’t terrible
  • A voice platform that isn’t terrible – my friends shouldn’t know that I am using Google Voice (or Babble) either, if it is free make it free – don’t interrupt my communication.
  • A chat app that looks/feels the same across all of Google’s products
  • Full integration with Android – come on people you are the same company!

Apparently Hangout is going to be included in this as well, which would be nice.  As of now there has been no official announcement nor has there been a timeline released as to when these things will happen.

It is great that Google has finally made the decision to define this as a problem and move towards a solution.  I don’t care what the name is, if they can centralize the communication systems they have and make everything work well, they will have me as a user forever!

Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe

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