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Well, well well, Google has finally opened the doors to allow the ability for bloggers (and for now, we only mean people using Blogger) to embed a Google+ commenting system on their blogs.  This is a huge win for Google, as it will drive more Google+ signups (want to comment?  Sign up for Google+ first!).  It is also a huge win for bloggers as well.  Bloggers want as much engagement as possible, and this system makes it very easy for website visitors to comment on their blog.

I’m really hoping that this will discourage comment SPAM being that this embedded version of a comment system does not create a link in the page itself when the comment is made.

But, as you know their are a number of Macgyver hackers out there who have already figured out not only how to integrate this functionality into regular sites, but have already churned out a paid WordPress plugin as well!  Browsing a few communities, it looks like there are definitely a ton of issues right now with people implementing this before it is actually “released.”

Another question being raised is, what about Youtube?  Youtube already has a great commenting system, complete with up/down votes and a great hierarchical system for comments.  It’s been my observation that Google likes to centralize products to interlink with each other, but remember Youtube was an entity of its own built on a totally different architecture before Google got its hands on it.  It’s going to be really hard to imagine Youtube adopting G+s inferior comment system to theirs – but nevertheless it is a thought.

I’m personally really excited about this.  I am very pro-Google+ and wish more of my friends would jump on board (instead they are migrating from FB to Instagram).

Nevertheless, a few screenshots to give you a fix until G makes it public:


This is the way the comments appear under a blog.  It can be styled however you’d like for the most part.




Logged Out View




Yeap. This is what is broadcasted (hence “public”) on your feed once a comment is posted on a page.

Hopefully we’ll get an official release soon enough!

Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe
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