Google Penguin 3 Released

Google Penguin 3 Released

On Friday afternoon PST, Matt Cutts, Google’s spam czar announced it would be rolling out “Penguin 3” which would impact .3% of English language queries.  First of all, that means probably 90% of sites out there are going to move up or down, but only .3% of sites will actually be effected by this.  This is Google’s latest “data refresh” of the Penguin update, which is targeted link spam and other bad stuff.

The original Penguin algorithm launch in April crushed webmasters across the globe, yet according to Google this update would be even more “jarring and jolting.”  They are really not playing anymore.

To date, there have been 3 versions or roll outs of Penguin including:

  1. The first one in late April which affected 3.1% of searches
  2. The one on May 26th (less than .1%)
  3. This one, on October 5th which affected .3% of searches

Matt Cutts stated that only .3% of searches would be “noticeably affected” which came from his Twitter right as we were closing up shop on Friday afternoon.  He replied to several people on Twitter stating that this update would also update a few other countries or languages such as Spanish and French.

Recently Google showed their cards a little more than usual, in a recent interview with Robb Watts, an internet marketer from the UK, Matt Cutts stated that these noticeable changes really mean searches that were “above the fold.” (really still open to interpretation)

This is Google’s latest effort to target websites that are not following Google’s webmaster guidelines  and continue to fight webspam.

A few questions that come up by most, and are still not answered:

  • What is stopping someone from pointing thousands of “bad links” at my website in an effort to get it penalized?
  • What if someone points links at my website by accident?
  • What if there is a surge in organic links to my website?

There have been many cases where webmasters with a business have been absolutely crushed by this update, and claim that they have not ever built a bad backlink to their site, nor do they even know how to build back links from “bad neighborhoods” yet, Google still continues to control the web from a mathematical point of view, without any human interaction.

The only thing we can all do is to continue to diversify our traffic, and not rely on Google for everything. (if you read our blog regularly, I probably sound like a broken record)but every update further reinforces this.

Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe

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