Google Adds Application Downloads to Knowledge Graph

google knowledge graph hack download program

Was browsing around the web, actually doing research for an upcoming blog post when I noticed that Google has added a new Knowledge Graph feature.

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Can your WordPress theme sabotage your SEO efforts?

wordpress themes bad for SEO

We here at Elite Strategies are big fans of WordPress. We’ll custom code themes, plugins, scripts, add-ons but sometimes a solution calls for us to

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SEO Sales Tool: “Creating a Crisis”

creating the crisis seo sales tool

One of my favorite people and life mentor Richard Craig used to talk about “creating a crisis” for people that refused to look at their

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Google Knowledge Graph Quietly Adds Social Profiles for People

knowledge graph social profiles people

On January 15, 2014 Google announced that the Knowledge Graph would now display social profile links for brands / known entities. I’ve been following this

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SEO Research: Percentage of top brands that have Social Knowledge Graphs

seo research elite strategies

This latest Google update that included the linking of social network profiles within the Knowledge Graph really piqued my interest. For Google to allow “the

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Google is monetizing the Knowledge Graph

knowledge graph monetization

Google has been monetizing organic search for many years. It started off with basic AdWords listings in the search results, then moved onto more advanced

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Does your local business actually need TWO Google+ pages?

google my business plus two pages

The world of Google Maps / Google Places / Google+ / Google My Business is a strange and confusing place. Throughout the last 5 or

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Important News for Knowledge Graph Hackers

freebase wikidata

If you’ve had your finger on the pulse of Knowledge Graph happenings, you’ll know that it is a very volatile industry that is very dynamic

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[Download] Custom SEO web browser spell check dictionary

seo browser dictionary

Over the last 10 or so years, I’ve managed to amass a very large custom browser spell-check dictionary as a result of hitting “add to

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Should your title tag always match the title of your blog post?

blog post title vs title tag SEO UX

First off I wanted to thank everyone who took this very brief survey. It really helped me understand a lot about user experience and blogging

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