eCommerce: Calculate Cost of Customer Acquisition

calculate cost of customer acquisition

Calculating the cost of customer acquisition is an extremely important metric to have not only for your eCommerce store but for your business as a

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Uncle Sam says “NO” to compensating for online reviews

compensating for online reviews

Please note: this post is my personal interpretation of what has been going on with recent FTC rulings and should in no way serve as

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Survey Results: What People Hate About “About Us” Pages

survey about us pages

Last week we asked our customers, friends and followers to take a short survey regarding “about us” pages. Our goal is to help our customers

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Linkbuilding through business philanthropy

linkbuilding through philanthropy SEO optimization

No matter how you slice it, linkbuilding has gotten harder and harder over the last few years. Many SEO’s have even removed it from their

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8 Unsplash Images Designed for Blog Posts

blog post image design

Unsplash is a great source for free images that you can do whatever you want with, and not have to worry about licensing or attribution.

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List of businesses Google search could kill (with knowledge graph)

google business elite strategies

Google’s official motto is “don’t be evil” but we all know it is really more along the lines of “make money, FTW.” It is no

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How to guarantee no one will ever read your company blog

corporate blogging

Hi, my name is Patrick and I run a corporate blog. Sure, its not some super-magazine blog with offers from Nike to run ads in

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SEO Case Study: Doubled Traffic, Decreased Bounce Rate by 55%

case study SEO CRO traffic

Its been a while since we posted a case study, we’ve been really busy with, you know…work. We just couldn’t resist with this case, however.

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Google Adds Application Downloads to Knowledge Graph

google knowledge graph hack download program

Was browsing around the web, actually doing research for an upcoming blog post when I noticed that Google has added a new Knowledge Graph feature.

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Can your WordPress theme sabotage your SEO efforts?

wordpress themes bad for SEO

We here at Elite Strategies are big fans of WordPress. We’ll custom code themes, plugins, scripts, add-ons but sometimes a solution calls for us to

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