Usually, how long do SEO contracts normally last?

how long does an SEO contract last

This post is actually an internal training document that we’ve modified for the web. It has also been a topic of conversation amongst a few

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Lynx: the most powerful non-SEO, SEO tool

lynx SEO tool

I’m not a huge fan of SEO tools overall. Not because I don’t like them, but I’m a minimalist at heart. I don’t use browser

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Pitching SEO in Person

pitching SEO in person

Please note that the tone of this blog post is intended for those pitching SEO to small / medium sized businesses. Pitching SEO to large

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4 websites that know how to earn links (and how they earn them)

SEO earned whitehat links

4 websites that know how to earn links (and how they earn them) Was explaining the SEO process the other day, when I got to

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PSA: Move your old websites

seo delete website

If you’re a savvy technical SEO like most of my pals on Twitter, I probably don’t need to tell you this. In fact, for most

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Skype: the most powerful (and kind of secret) social sharing platform

skype social network

If you are like me, every new day is a challenge to find new and exciting places to share blog posts. Sure, Twitter, Facebook and

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SEO summer reading: Some great dissertations from students all over

SEO summer reading list

Ever since I started reading more technical SEO blogs such as SEO by the Sea, SEO Theory and more I’ve been on a quest to

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Impress your SEO boss with these Linux command line tricks

linux SEO commands

Leveraging the Lynx browser In my opinion, viewing your site in lynx is one of the most powerful SEO tools at your disposal. For those

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This SEO tutorial from 12 years ago NAILED IT (seriously)

seo post retro 2002

Lots of folks in the SEO industry joke about SEO “back in the day” and lolz about old tactics such as the meta keywords tag,

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Google+ no longer requiring use of real name

change google plus real name nickname

Was kind of shocked when I heard this news. In an announcement that came in late today on Google+, they broke the news: Today, we

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