About Elite Strategies

Elite Strategies Llc is a provider of internet marketing and design services, and is rapidly gaining national and international exposure through our extensive client base, and our commitment to excellence. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach, nor do we attempt to pre-package our services. We believe that each client and industry is different, therefore we create an individualized plan of action for each client. Elite Strategies prides itself on being one of the few SEO companies that not only helps our clients gain top search rankings, but works with each customer to get more clients through that process. Our humble beginnings have taught us the secret to our business: if we truly help our customers get more business and more exposure our customers will be satisfied. Our long list of satisfied clients will tell you that not only will we deliver what we promise, but will answer any questions you have along the way.

We are a privately held company and have no investors or outstanding debt. This allows us to quickly adopt new technologies without having to cut through corporate red tape. We are industry recognized, and our motto is “don’t tell me it can’t be done.”

We use 100% of our revenue to go towards client services and customer support. We are a national company based in Delray Beach, FL and employ some of the top professionals in the field. We employ over 20 full time employees and dozens of talented part time employees. We have 2 offices: in South Florida and New York City. We have achieved great success through proven results to our customers.

The Elite Strategies Team

Patrick Coombe – (CEO & Founder) – With formal Business and Computer Science Training at the prestigious McCann School of Business in the Pennsylvania foothills to his extensive IT training aboard the USS Boxer serving our nation in the US NAVY during 9/11, Patrick possesses the discipline and training it takes to manage an internet company in 2012. He has formal training from the Microsoft Learning Center, and has studied independently to gain Certifications from companies such as Google, Cisco, and Microsoft. As an entrepreneur, Patrick started this business during the recession as a solution for other businesses who were struggling with losing clients as a result of the effects of the recession. For Patrick this is not just a business, it is a passion.

Jacquelyn Sherry Coombe – Chief Operating Officer – Jacquelyn joined Elite Strategies with over a decade worth of marketing and branding experience in the hospitality, film making, and fashion industries. She has worked with some of the world’s top brands, and has been influential in branding several top-name businesses. Jacquelyn has a keen eye for design, and no design leaves our office until she has approved it. She has mastered the art of not only making a brand look great, but making it convert as well. In 2012, Jacquelyn took our company to the next level by adjoining us with several charitable organizations.

Bruce Breton – Vice President – Previously working at Elite Strategies, Bruce was the lead Sales Coordinator for South Florida’s largest lead generation company. Bruce has extensive sales and customer relations experience, as well as unfounded practical knowledge of SEO. Bruce handles our operations, overseeing our local, regional, and national accounts departments. Bruce is the glue that holds the organization together, from opening our doors at 8am to acting as project manager on a number of different client accounts. Bruce wears many hats, and has inserted himself in this company as a key figure. Bruce is also an affiliate marketer, with a personal passion for SEO. In his spare time you can find him customizing his BMW, or owning the soccer field. See some of the great things our clients have said about Bruce.

Sam Hollis – Accounts– Sam is a passionate web designer and developer with an expert level knack for HTML, Javascript, PHP, JQuery, Photoshop and CSS. His diverse client portfolio and keen eye for visual design aid him in overseeing our creative projects. Sam has been in the industry for nearly a decade and is a an integral addition to the Elite Strategies team. In addition to his proficiency in web development, he is a tactical problem solver. Any problem you present to him from high level graphics to low level coding he will develop a custom solution for. For that, is is an essential member to our team.

Gina Coviello – SEO – Gina comes to us with a degree from Florida Atlantic University and is a delight to work with. Gina joined our team and simply “took over” our social media department. She is truly a social media expert. Her skills include working with all social networks, including Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol but is not limited to just that. She is a skilled graphic artist, an excellent communicator and is a necessary part of our team here at Elite Strategies. Her previous position was social community manager but has moved into the SEO role due to her talent and knowledge of the industry.

Amanda Geritano – SEO Account Manager – Amanda has joined our team with years of experience and a solid background in web technologies and a degree from FAU. Amanda works directly with our clients to ensure that they are equipped with everything they need when they come through our door. Not all clients are the same, some have beautiful websites that are set up for success while others are outdated in dire need of an overhaul. She has a knack for on-the-spot analysis and has a keen sense for determining what a website needs.

Samuel Kumar – SEO – Sam is truly one of the most talented SEO’s we have ever met. He joined our team a short while ago and quickly made a splash in our company. His skills include, but are certainly not limited to: on-page SEO, HTML, PHP, Javascript, network administration and so much more. He is very easy to work with and always willing to go the extra mile which is a quality we all appreciate.

Ridwan Fillardhy – Web Developer – Have you ever looked at a website and gasped in amazement of how beautiful it is? This is how all of Ridwan’s designs turn out. He is a passionate web developer that remains on the cutting edge of the latest web technologies. It would be easy to list his accomplishments and skillsets such as knowledge of PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript as well as every CMS and eCommerce system under the sun but that wouldn’t do him justice. He is a pleasure to work with and is a shining example of a talented web developer.

Peter Santamaria- SEO – Peter is on the front lines of our operation and is equipped with decades of experience in marketing and customer acquisition. One of Peter’s greatest assets is his ability to translate the complex language of “SEO” into common lingo that business owners can relate to. His positive attitude and critical thinking skills enable him to help our customers come up the best possible strategy when it comes to SEO and online marketing.

Lynn Heyner – Project Manager – Lynn joins our office with years of experience in a wide range of field including HR, sales and marketing. Her cool-headed demeanor and professional attitude is the glue that holds our office together. Lynn is the liaison between our clients and our web development and SEO staff. She is truly the glue that holds our office together. This requires her to be up to date and familiar with all relevant technologies such as WordPress, Magento, HTML, and more.

Laura Curcuruto – SEO – Laura has years of experience working in our industry and went to Florida International University. Laura is one of the core members of our SEO team and has a wealth of experience optimizing small business websites. She has a vast understanding of Google’s algorithm and other methodologies that make up our industry. Her commitment to our clients satisfaction and attention to detail makes her an integral part of our team.

Muhamad Syaiful – Web Developer – Muhamad or just “Mo” to us started with Elite Strategies on a per-contract basis but we quickly realized that we want him all to ourselves. He is currently in college working towards a degree in systems analysis. A self described “generalist” Mo is a skilled interface designer but is more than capable at writing and debugging any sort of code you throw his way.

Bill Weiss – Web Developer – Bill is a talented web developer with years of experience creating and optimizing small business websites. He has experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many popular platforms including WordPress, Magento, Drupal and others. He is our “website migration specialist” and has a knack for transferring complicated websites with large databases and files.

Michael Bakovic – Social Media / Community Manager – Michael is a whiz when it comes to social networks, and has a knack for making communities grow. He has experience with social technologies such as OGP (open graph protocol) Twitter Cards, and schema markup. Michael’s enthusiasm and passion for online marketing transfers well into his job at Elite Strategies and has enabled him to help our clients grow every day. contact

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