6 Crackerjack Ways Clients Can Help You Shine

When a new client signs up with us, we let them know right away that their work has just begun.  We make the SEO process very interactive and quite often ask our clients to participate. 

And most of the time they are happy to. Particularly with small business clients, most of them are self starters that have a very hands-on approach with most aspects of their business.

1. Ask your clients to come up with some content ideas.  Writing “about”  style articles for your clients’ niche is just plain BORING. People probably won’t read it either, or its been written already by other marketing firms.  Talk to your client on the phone about what is “hot” in their industry right now and what type of post will probe peoples interests.  A good title with an inside-angle can really get a lot of attention (and even links)

2. Interview them.  Chances are your client has someone in their organization who specializes in something within their niche.  Conduct an interview and find a good place to post it.

3. Do an AMA.  It doesn’t have to be on reddit.com either.  Lots of different forums/blogs are doing AMA’s these days and they are really getting popular.  Find the best place for one of these and make it happen.  You can answer on behalf of your client but it would really be better if they did it themselves with your help.

4. Buy your clients a camera.  But them a POS (no, not piece of sh**, point-and-shoot) camera and tell them to take pictures of their office, what they do, the people in their organization, etc.  These pictures can be a good center-piece for a blog post.  If they get good at it or have someone who is already good you can start a gallery on their website.  While they have that camera handy, have them shoot video.  Start a Youtube Channel with videos of what they’ve shot during the week.  Do a tour of their office, building, or shop.  Have them conduct interviews of people within their organization and other ideas.  Videos can really go a long way particularly in niches when you are the only one doing them.

5. Find questions for your clients to answer.  Find the toughest questions on forums and places like Yahoo Answers and get them to answer them.  Again you can have them do this or coach them through it.  A lot of the time you can leave a link to your website if you provide a valuable source.

6. Have your client do a personal email blast.  Draft up an outline for your clients that they can send out to their friends, family and business associates.  Make an announcement about all the rad new designs your company did for them (publicity for you as well) and see what they get back.  Chances are they will get some replies from people who have blogs or fellow industry leaders.  This will create an excellent opportunity for outreach and link opportunities.

These are just a few ways that your clients can make content marketing much less monotonous. In a world where internet marketing and SEO firms are popping up faster then Starbucks in the East Village, we need to come up with extra-creative ways to promote industries that have been already marketed to death.


Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
Patrick Coombe
Patrick Coombe
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