5 Corporate Vine Profiles to Watch Out For

Let’s be straight, if your company is not on Vine you are missing out on some great branding and even traffic.

Here are 5 corporate Vine profiles that are just doing it right.  These are companies that put lots of thought into their Vine videos.  Lots of companies merely shoot a 6 second movie of various situations.  These companies use advanced photography, stop motion, and other advanced videography within their Vine videos.

Unfortunately you can’t link directly to Vine profiles on desktop browsers, you can only use the vine:// protocol which will pretty much only work on smartphones.  For now, we took some screenshots which do not do them justice.

AMC’s Breaking Bad Vine

They made some hilarious clips, including a Happy Birthday Vine featuring the “yea bi***” scene from last season of Breaking Bad.

They have a great following and some nice hashtag action happening.


breaking bad vine


The HTC Vine Profile

They made a really cute stop motion game in their office.  While they don’t post as often as others, they are definitely someone to watch out for.

popular vine profiles


The Lowes Vine Profile

Lowes is my favorite example out of all featured herein.  They use 6 second Vine clips to showcase “howto” videos which are done quite nicely.

All of their videos are very well shot and get a ton of interaction.

popular vine profiles


The Moz Vine

Honestly we just put Moz in there because we like them.  They have 1 Vine and it is done really well.  Definitely keep your eye on Moz…and Roger.

seo vine profile


The Twitter Vine

You know everyone is watching Twitter.  Twitter takes things to the next level by featuring celebs within their Vine videos.  They are quite hilarious and really well done.

corporate vine profile


  The Volkswagon Vine Profile

Volkswagon knocks it out of the park in everything they do online.  Their website is on point and all of their social profiles are really well done.

volks 1


Creating a corporate Vine profile is a piece of cake.  If you don’t have a photography studio that is ok, you can start by making simple videos of your products, services, staff, office or mascot.  Have fun with Vine, don’t take it too seriously.

People use Vine to be entertained, not to use as a term paper reference or technical reading.

Use it as a way to connect with your customers on an emotional level.

Feel free to let down your professionalism guard, but always remember to have good taste, as with any branding opportunity.




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Patrick Coombe is the founder and CEO of Elite Strategies Llc. Patrick takes a hands on approach to managing Elite Strategies and loves to get involved with technical projects relating to clients inbound marketing needs.
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